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Bowers & Wilkins, also known as B&W, is a British company that produces audio equipment, most notably loudspeakers. B&W was founded in 1966 by John Bowers and Roy Wilkins. The company quickly gained a reputation for creating audio equipment that delivered exceptional sound quality.

The company's beginnings can be traced back to the South East of England, in Worthing, where John Bowers started his journey in audio manufacturing. Bowers began by selling homemade radio kits before moving onto loudspeakers. His partner, Roy Wilkins, joined him in this endeavour, and together, they founded Bowers & Wilkins.

John Bowers' belief was that loudspeakers should be able to recreate sound as accurately as possible, as if the listener was hearing the original performance. This philosophy still guides the company today, with B&W renowned for its commitment to sound quality and innovative design.

Bowers & Wilkins produces a wide range of audio products, including loudspeakers, headphones, earphones, and car audio systems. B&W's flagship loudspeaker series, the 800 Diamond Series, is highly regarded in the audio industry for its impressive performance and innovative design.

One of B&W's most significant innovations was the use of Kevlar in loudspeaker cones. Kevlar, a material more commonly associated with bulletproof vests, proved to be excellent for producing midrange drivers due to its light weight and stiffness. This innovation allowed B&W to deliver a clearer, more detailed sound.

In 2015, B&W introduced the Zeppelin, a high-end wireless speaker that combined high-quality sound with a striking design. This product marked B&W's entry into the growing market for premium wireless speakers.

In 2016, Bowers & Wilkins was acquired by Eva Automation, a Silicon Valley startup founded by Gideon Yu, a former Facebook CFO. The acquisition was part of Eva's plan to introduce advanced software capabilities to high-end audio equipment.

Under Eva Automation's ownership, B&W has continued to innovate, exploring the integration of artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies into its products.

Bowers & Wilkins has a long-standing reputation for producing some of the finest audio equipment in the world. From its humble beginnings in Worthing, England, to its current status as a global leader in high-end audio, B&W has remained true to its founding principle: to reproduce sound as authentically as possible.

Today, B&W continues to push the boundaries of audio technology, offering an array of products that deliver exceptional sound quality. Whether you're an audiophile or just someone who appreciates great sound, Bowers & Wilkins is a brand worth considering.