About ELAC

ELAC is a highly esteemed manufacturer of audio equipment, including turntables, speakers, and receivers. The company, with a rich history of over 90 years, has been at the forefront of producing high-quality audio equipment, making significant strides in the realms of music reproduction and sound technology.

ELAC was established in 1926 in Kiel, Germany as "Electroacustic GmbH." The company initially focused on developing sonar equipment and technology for marine and defense applications. It wasn't until the 1940s that ELAC began designing and manufacturing consumer audio products, including turntables, one of which, the Miracord, became a popular product in the 60s and 70s.


  1. Turntables: ELAC's Miracord line of turntables has continued to evolve over the years. With precision engineering and innovative design, these turntables are known for their aesthetic appeal and superior sound quality. Their recent models like the Miracord 90 Anniversary provide an impressive high-fidelity vinyl experience, which is an evidence of ELAC's commitment to refined sound.

  2. Speakers: ELAC's speakers range from bookshelf models to floor-standing units, center speakers, on-wall speakers, and subwoofers. Among their most popular lines is the Debut series, designed by well-known audio engineer Andrew Jones. These speakers are recognized for their excellent sound quality and affordability.

  3. Amplifiers and Receivers: ELAC also designs and manufactures a range of high-quality amplifiers and receivers. The Alchemy Series stands out, providing a range of options for different audio setups, from integrated amps to preamps and power amps. These devices offer excellent sound control, with high-resolution audio support and extensive connectivity options.

ELAC has been a pioneer in audio technology. One of its significant achievements is the invention of the 4Pi omnidirectional tweeter in the late 1970s. This innovation enhanced sound reproduction, creating a more realistic and immersive audio experience.

ELAC also offers sophisticated room correction software called ELAC’s Room EQ. This technology, in the company's subwoofers and the Discovery Connect streamer, measures the sound in the user's room and adjusts the audio output to optimize sound quality.

ELAC continues to thrive in the global audio equipment market, thanks to its dedication to quality, innovation, and value. Their products have received numerous awards and positive reviews from both consumers and experts in the industry, which has helped them maintain a strong reputation. Moreover, ELAC's focus on both entry-level and high-end products allows it to cater to a broad customer base, making it a key player in the audio equipment industry.

ELAC is a testament to the fusion of precision engineering, innovative design, and a passion for music. With a commitment to providing high-quality audio experiences, the company has firmly established itself in the global market, offering a range of products that cater to both audio enthusiasts and professional musicians. As ELAC continues to pioneer new technologies and enhance its product offerings, the future looks bright for this enduring brand.