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About PreSonus

PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc., commonly known simply as PreSonus, is a respected name in the world of audio engineering and music production. This American company is known for designing and manufacturing professional-grade audio equipment and software, pushing the boundaries of technology and providing solutions that enable the creation of exceptional sound.

Founded in 1995 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, by Jim Odom and Brian Smith, PreSonus started with a mission to create innovative audio products that provide professional sound quality and features without being prohibitively expensive. The founders, being musicians and audio engineers themselves, understood the need for cost-effective yet high-quality audio equipment, and so PreSonus was born.

In the late 1990s, PreSonus made waves with its DCP8, a digitally controlled, 8-channel compressor/limiter/gate that offered unprecedented control over dynamics processing. This product positioned the company as a significant player in the audio technology industry.

Over the years, PreSonus has grown by leaps and bounds. It has expanded its product line to include audio interfaces, mixers, speakers, amplifiers, and most notably, digital audio workstation (DAW) software known as Studio One.

  1. Audio Interfaces: PreSonus has a comprehensive range of audio interfaces under the AudioBox and Studio series. These interfaces are renowned for their durability, excellent sound quality, and robust software bundles. They cater to various requirements, from beginner home studios to professional-grade setups.
  2. Mixers: The company offers an extensive line of analog and digital mixers. Their StudioLive series of digital mixers are lauded for their intuitive design, superb audio quality, and integrated software for live sound, recording, and production.
  3. Studio Monitors: PreSonus' Eris and Sceptre studio monitors have garnered praise for their precise audio reproduction and flexible acoustic tuning controls. They offer a variety of models to suit different room sizes and types of usage.
  4. Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Software: Studio One, the DAW developed by PreSonus, has quickly risen to popularity among professionals and hobbyists alike. It is appreciated for its streamlined workflow, powerful features, and excellent sound quality.
  5. Notion: PreSonus also develops and sells Notion, a music notation software that's beloved by composers, performers, and music students for its simplicity and powerful features.

Committed to supporting the global audio community, PreSonus invests in educational initiatives. This includes creating tutorial content and online courses on their website, enabling users to get the most out of their equipment. They also provide free resources for music education through their Sound Education program, helping to promote music in schools and communities.

PreSonus is dedicated to minimizing its environmental impact. This commitment is demonstrated in the company's product design and manufacturing processes, which aim to reduce waste, increase energy efficiency, and ensure the use of environmentally friendly materials whenever possible.

Today, PreSonus stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in audio technology. Their broad range of products and software solutions, from entry-level to professional-grade, continues to inspire and empower musicians, audio engineers, and producers all over the world. As the company looks forward, its commitment to quality, affordability, and user-friendly design promises to shape the future of audio production.