KEF R3 Meta Bookshelf Speakers vs. KEF Q150 Bookshelf Speakers

KEF R3 Meta Bookshelf Speakers

KEF Q150 Bookshelf Speakers

$2200 $600
16.70” H × 7.90” W × 13.50” D
424mm H × 201mm W × 343mm D
11.92” H × 7.08” W × 10.94” D
303mm H × 180mm W × 278mm D
Power Type
Passive Passive
Frequency Response
58-28,000 Hz 51-28,000 Hz
ASR Score
n/a 4.8
ASR Score w/Subwoofer
n/a 6.9
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  • The front face of the KEF R3 Meta is approximately 56.33% larger than that of the KEF Q150.
  • The depth of the KEF R3 Meta is approximately 23.36% deeper than that of the KEF Q150.
  • The spatial volume of the KEF R3 Meta is approximately 92.84% greater than that of the KEF Q150.

Please Note: the above comparisons are based on the dimensions of a bounding rectangle that would fit the front face of a speaker. In the case of volume, the comparisons are based on a bounding box that would enclose the speaker entirely. These measurements do not take into account variations in the speaker shape, such as curves, diagonal edges, or cutaways. These measurements cannot be relied upon to measure the internal volume of the speaker.

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