Edifier R1280DBs vs. Klipsch R-15PM

Edifier R1280DBs Powered Bookshelf Speakers Klipsch R-15PM Powered Monitor Speakers
$160 $500
Dimensions (H × W × D)
9.50” × 5.75” × 7.00”
241mm × 146mm × 178mm
12.50” × 7.00” × 9.88”
318mm × 178mm × 251mm
Power Type
Powered Powered
Frequency Response
51-20,000 Hz 62-24,000 Hz

Key Takeaways

TLDR Summary: In the world of compact, powered speakers, the Edifier R1280DBs and Klipsch R-15PM stand out. The R1280DBs deliver a warm, balanced sound and convenient Bluetooth connectivity, appealing to casual listeners and those on a budget. They offer a bass and treble adjustment feature, providing a degree of customization. Meanwhile, the Klipsch R-15PM boasts a dynamic, lively sound signature, with a distinct clarity and punchier bass, fulfilling the desires of those seeking a more energetic listening experience. Both speakers are versatile and user-friendly, but the Klipsch edges out with superior build quality and a more robust soundstage.

Speaker Comparison

When it comes to selecting the right pair of powered bookshelf speakers, the audiophile market presents a plethora of options that cater to a variety of listening preferences and room sizes. Among these, the Edifier R1280DBs and Klipsch R-15PM are two notable contenders that seem to charm their way into many listener's spaces. These compact powerhouses are revered for their ease of use and the generous offering of features that make them a go-to choice for casual listeners and audiophiles alike.

Sound Quality: Clarity Meets Power

The Edifier R1280DBs deliver a sound signature that is warm and rich, with a balanced profile that's particularly kind to vocal and acoustic performances. The bass reflex port on these Edifiers does a commendable job at enhancing the low-end without muddying the midrange, ensuring a pleasant listening experience across various genres. In contrast, Klipsch's R-15PM speakers boast their proprietary Tractrix horn technology coupled with aluminum tweeters which yield a crisper, more detailed high-end. The R-15PMs are built for those who crave a lively sound with a punchier bass, making them ideal for dynamic tracks and cinematic experiences.

Edifier R1280DBs Powered Bookshelf Speakers
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Connectivity and Features: Versatility at Your Fingertips

Both sets of speakers flaunt a range of connectivity options. The Edifier R1280DBs step up the game with Bluetooth connectivity, coaxial and optical inputs, along with the traditional RCA ports. This makes them highly adaptable for various home setups. The addition of a remote control allows users to tweak settings from the comfort of their seat. The Klipsch R-15PMs match this versatility with their own Bluetooth feature, a built-in phono preamp for turntable enthusiasts, digital optical, and USB inputs. The inclusion of an IR remote makes the R-15PMs just as convenient to operate.

Design and Build: Aesthetics That Speak Volumes

The aesthetic appeal of a speaker setup can be just as important as its acoustic performance to some enthusiasts. The Edifier R1280DBs speakers present a classic look with their wood veneer paneling that can easily blend into a variety of decor styles. They project a timeless appeal that is both unobtrusive and elegant. Klipsch takes a different route with the R-15PMs, featuring a more modern design with copper-colored spun-copper IMG woofers that stand out. The black, brushed polymer veneer adds a touch of sophistication, making them not only speakers but also conversation pieces in a modern home.

Klipsch R-15PM Powered Monitor Speakers
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Powering these speakers reveals another set of considerations. The Edifier R1280DBs are rated at 42 watts RMS, which is sufficient for small to medium-sized rooms. They can fill your space with a comfortable level of sound without much strain. The Klipsch R-15PMs, on the other hand, are rated at a more robust 50 watts per channel which allows them to pack a greater punch and handle larger spaces with ease. This additional power can also provide a more immediate sense of dynamic range and volume headroom.

For those who fine-tune their audio, the availability of sound adjustment features is crucial. The Edifier R1280DBs come equipped with side panel knobs for bass, treble, and volume control, offering users the ability to shape the sound to their liking. Klipsch R-15PMs also allow for some degree of tonal adjustment, but it’s mainly accessible via the remote control, which may not offer the same tactile precision as dedicated analog knobs.

In conclusion, the Edifier R1280DBs and Klipsch R-15PM powered monitor speakers each have their unique strengths, tailored for different preferences and uses. The Edifier R1280DBs may appeal to those looking for a warm, balanced sound and traditional design, whereas the Klipsch R-15PMs cater to listeners that favor a more powerful, detailed sound with a striking contemporary build. Ultimately, both offer excellent value for their price points and can greatly enhance the audio experience in your home or office.

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