MartinLogan Motion 2i vs. Micca COVO-S

MartinLogan Motion 2i Bookshelf Speakers Micca COVO-S Compact 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers
$200 $80
Dimensions (H × W × D)
10.00” × 4.70” × 4.60”
254mm × 119mm × 117mm
5.10” × 4.20” × 5.10”
130mm × 107mm × 130mm
Power Type
Passive Passive
Frequency Response
110-23,000 Hz 90-20,000 Hz

Key Takeaways

TLDR Summary: In the world of compact audio, the MartinLogan Motion 2i and Micca COVO-S cater to distinct listener profiles. The Motion 2i speakers, with their esteemed Folded Motion tweeters, cater to the discerning audiophile seeking a refined, detailed soundstage. They deliver a crisp high-end alongside a nuanced midrange, ideal for those who value clarity and sophistication in their music. Conversely, the Micca COVO-S offers an affordable entry point into high-fidelity sound. They provide a balanced, albeit less detailed performance that punches above its weight class, making them suitable for casual listeners who want an upgrade from standard speakers without breaking the bank.

Speaker Comparison

When we're talking about bookshelf speakers, we're often referring to a breed of audio equipment that has to strike a fine balance between size, performance, and price. Diving into the world of compact sound, two contenders stand out for their own reasons: the MartinLogan Motion 2i and the Micca COVO-S. These speakers cater to different segments of the audiophile and casual listening markets, and comparing them is akin to an intriguing study in design philosophy and sound engineering.

Design and Build Quality

The MartinLogan Motion 2i speakers exude a premium feel with their sleek, high-gloss finish and the distinctive MartinLogan design language. The build quality is substantial, with tight seams and a heft that reassures you of its durability. The Motion 2i is clearly positioned in the higher-end segment of the market. On the flip side, the Micca COVO-S offers a more modest and functional aesthetic. Its simple, unassuming look is geared towards the budget-conscious consumer. The build quality is decent for its price point but doesn't quite match the luxurious presence of the Motion 2i.

MartinLogan Motion 2i Bookshelf Speakers
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Sound Quality

Diving into audio performance, the MartinLogan Motion 2i boasts a Folded Motion tweeter, which sets it apart in its class. This unique driver delivers remarkably fast transient response, with precise imaging and a broad soundstage that is hard to match in compact bookshelf speakers. The bass response, while not earth-shattering due to the speaker's size, is tight and accurate. In contrast, the Micca COVO-S features a concentric driver design that aims to provide a coherent soundstage from a compact footprint. While it doesn't reach the heights of the Motion 2i in terms of detail and clarity, it delivers a sound that is pleasing and well-balanced for casual listening, especially considering its budget-friendly pricing.

Value for Money

Value is a significant factor in any purchasing decision. The MartinLogan Motion 2i, with its superior sound quality and exquisite build, commands a higher price, but it also offers a commensurate level of performance. It's an investment for the discerning listener who wants to bring a touch of audio luxury into their home. The Micca COVO-S, on the other hand, provides an incredible value proposition. It's a speaker that performs admirably for its size and cost, making it an excellent choice for those dipping their toes into the world of better sound without breaking the bank.

Micca COVO-S Compact 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers
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Compatibility and Versatility

Both the MartinLogan Motion 2i and Micca COVO-S demonstrate versatility in their compatibility with various audio setups. The Motion 2i, with its high-quality components, pairs beautifully with mid to high-end amplification, revealing its full potential with electronics that can match its caliber. The Micca COVO-S is more forgiving and easier to drive, allowing it to perform well even with modest amplifiers or AV receivers. This makes the COVO-S a fantastic option for someone with a less intricate setup or for use in secondary spaces like offices or bedrooms.

Ultimately, the choice between the MartinLogan Motion 2i and the Micca COVO-S comes down to what you value most in a bookshelf speaker. If you're seeking uncompromised audio quality and are willing to invest in a speaker that will be a talking point both visually and sonically, the Motion 2i is a clear winner. It's a speaker that not only sounds exceptional but also feels like a piece of art in your living space. For those on a budget or in need of an unobtrusive sound solution that still offers an enjoyable listening experience, the Micca COVO-S stands out as a strong contender that won't disappoint.

In the end, whether it's the refined elegance and audio prowess of the MartinLogan Motion 2i or the pragmatic, cost-effective nature of the Micca COVO-S, both speakers serve their intended audiences with aplomb. They remind us that the world of sound is diverse and accommodating, with choices that can satisfy the golden-eared audiophile and the everyday music lover alike. The decision is yours to make, and with either choice, music will find a way to resonate beautifully within the walls of your home.

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