MartinLogan Motion 60XTi Tower Speaker Review


MSRP $3750
(H × W × D)
48.00” × 11.40” × 14.40”
1219mm × 290mm × 366mm
Power Type Passive
Frequency Response 35-25,000 Hz
MartinLogan Motion 60XTi Tower Speaker

Key Takeaways

TLDR Summary: The MartinLogan Motion 60XTi floorstanders are an auditory feast. Their Folded Motion XT tweeters deliver a crisp, extensive high-end that thrills without fatigue. The midrange is articulate, revealing nuanced vocals. The twin 8 woofers handle bass with depth and control. Aesthetically, they have a modern elegance. On the flip side, these speakers are discerning and demand quality electronics and positioning to shine. Also, bass-heavy genre enthusiasts might crave a separate subwoofer. Nonetheless, the 60XTi are a compelling high-fidelity choice.

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MartinLogan Motion 60XTi: Our Take

The MartinLogan Motion 60XTi tower speaker is a significant presence in any audiophile's listening environment. Standing tall and crafted with precision, it is designed to deliver a high-fidelity audio experience. The Motion 60XTi, part of MartinLogan's esteemed Motion Series, boasts a sleek design that blends seamlessly with modern decor while being acoustically transparent to ensure the purest sound reproduction.

One of the hallmark features of the MartinLogan Motion 60XTi is the use of the Folded Motion XT tweeter. This proprietary technology ensures an incredibly fast transient response with a broad yet controlled sound dispersion. This allows for a more refined and detailed high-frequency performance, translating into crystal-clear trebles that audiophiles often crave. The Folded Motion XT tweeter sets this speaker apart from many competitors in its price range.

The bass performance of the MartinLogan Motion 60XTi is facilitated by its dual 8-inch aluminum cone woofers, which are paired with a rear-firing bass port. The combination creates deep, powerful bass that maintains clarity and precision even at high volumes. While this feature promises an immersive experience for bass-heavy music and cinematic sequences, some users may find the low-end response overwhelming if not properly integrated with the room or without adequate bass management.

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Design and Build Quality

The craftsmanship of the Motion 60XTi is evident in both its sound and appearance. The cabinet is constructed from solid MDF with internal bracing to minimize resonance and distortion. This ensures that the audio produced is free from unwanted coloration due to the speaker's enclosure. The high-gloss finish and subtle curvature not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also contribute to the speaker's acoustic properties.

Despite its attractive design and robust build, the MartinLogan Motion 60XTi speakers are quite large and heavy, which can be a downside for those with limited space or those who prefer a more inconspicuous audio setup. The speakers' footprint and weight necessitate careful consideration of placement within a room, as well as a sturdy base to rest upon.

Integration with Home Systems

A key consideration for potential buyers is the ease of integrating the MartinLogan Motion 60XTi speakers into an existing home audio system. They are equipped with custom five-way bi-wire/bi-amp binding posts, offering flexibility for various wiring configurations. This allows audiophiles to fine-tune their setups for optimal sound. However, integration might require some knowledge of home audio systems and possibly new equipment for those without compatible receivers or amplifiers.

Another aspect that stands out is the Motion 60XTi's compatibility with other MartinLogan products. For those looking to build or upgrade to a cohesive sound system, these speakers can be paired with other offerings from MartinLogan’s Motion Series to create a harmonious and enveloping surround sound experience. This could be particularly appealing for home theater enthusiasts looking to achieve an engaging cinematic soundscape.

When considering alternatives to the MartinLogan Motion 60XTi, potential buyers might explore options such as the Bowers & Wilkins 603 S2 Anniversary Edition or the KEF Q950 Floorstanding Speaker. Both offer comparable high-end audio experiences but come with their unique sets of features and sound characteristics that may better suit different listeners' preferences or room environments.

In conclusion, the MartinLogan Motion 60XTi tower speaker presents an attractive option for those seeking premium sound quality and a striking visual presence in their audio equipment. While there are several positive aspects, such as exceptional high-frequency clarity and powerful bass response, considerations around size, weight, and integration with existing systems should be taken into account. Ultimately, its performance stands up well against other high-end speakers in its class, making it worthy of consideration for discerning audio enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes the MartinLogan Motion 60XTi's sound signature from other tower speakers?

The MartinLogan Motion 60XTi stands out in the realm of tower speakers for its remarkable blend of clarity and precision, a hallmark of MartinLogan's engineering. Part of this signature sound stems from the unique implementation of the Folded Motion XT tweeter, which delivers exceptionally detailed highs with minimal distortion. This results in an airy and open soundstage that can leave listeners in awe, particularly when it comes to reproducing the subtle nuances of vocals and instruments.

Additionally, the balanced sound profile is supported by robust, yet articulate bass performance, courtesy of the dedicated drivers designed for low-frequency reproduction. The integration of the tweeter with these drivers is seamless, yielding a cohesive and immersive listening experience that caters to audiophiles seeking both power and precision from their tower speakers. The Motion 60XTi's capability to project a large and lifelike soundstage further solidifies its position as a choice for those who value both musicality and the spatial representation of sound.

How does the Motion 60XTi cope with different genres of music and does it favor any particular type?

The MartinLogan Motion 60XTi is engineered to be a versatile speaker that can handle a wide array of musical genres with aplomb. Its detailed tweeter ensures that high-resolution audio files are rendered with the intricacy they deserve, making it suitable for classical and jazz recordings where the fidelity of each note is paramount. On the other hand, its potent bass response provides the necessary punch for rock, pop, and electronic music, ensuring a full-bodied and engaging experience.

While the Motion 60XTi is designed to be genre-agnostic, it's often noted that its precision and wide soundstage can particularly enhance acoustic and well-recorded live performances. This makes it a potential favorite for those who appreciate the finer details and a realistic portrayal of the recording space. However, its overall neutrality and balance mean that it doesn't inherently favor any specific genre, making it a well-rounded choice for a diverse music collection.

Can the MartinLogan Motion 60XTi be integrated into a home theater system, and what should one consider for optimal performance?

Absolutely, the MartinLogan Motion 60XTi can serve as an exceptional front left and right channel in a home theater setup, offering the clarity and dynamic range necessary for an engaging cinematic experience. When integrating these towers into a home theater system, one should consider pairing them with a center channel speaker and surround speakers from the same series or with similar sonic characteristics to ensure a seamless and coherent sound field.

For optimal performance, attention should also be given to proper placement and room acoustics. The Motion 60XTi's require some breathing room to fully express their soundstage, so positioning them away from walls and in an equilateral triangle with the listening position can yield the best results. Additionally, you might want to utilize a subwoofer to handle the lowest frequencies, especially for movie soundtracks that demand deep and impactful bass, which will complement the 60XTi's performance and provide a truly immersive home theater experience.

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