MartinLogan Motion 20i vs. MartinLogan Motion 60XTi

MartinLogan Motion 20i Tower Speaker MartinLogan Motion 60XTi Tower Speaker
$2000 $3750
Dimensions (H × W × D)
36.60” × 6.80” × 11.70”
930mm × 173mm × 297mm
48.00” × 11.40” × 14.40”
1219mm × 290mm × 366mm
Power Type
Passive Passive
Frequency Response
46-25,000 Hz 35-25,000 Hz

Key Takeaways

TLDR Summary: In the quest for sonic perfection, the MartinLogan Motion 20i and Motion 60XTi tower speakers embody the brand's commitment to audio excellence. The Motion 20i serves as a svelte, entry-level floorstander, delivering precise imaging and a detailed soundstage with its Folded Motion tweeter and dual woofers. Meanwhile, the 60XTi stands as the superior sibling; a commanding presence with a larger Folded Motion XT tweeter and robust bass emanating from its 8-inch woofers. Both models exemplify MartinLogan's airy highs and balanced midrange, but the 60XTi takes the lead in power handling, dynamic range, and visceral impact for the discerning audiophile.

Speaker Comparison

When it comes to high-end audio, the name MartinLogan is often spoken with a certain reverence. Known for their electrostatic marvels, MartinLogan also offers traditional loudspeakers that promise an engrossing listening experience. Today, we turn our attention to a comparison of two of their more conventional tower speakers—the Motion 20i and the Motion 60XTi. Both of these speakers are heirs to the Motion Series legacy and carry with them the expectation of exceptional audio performance.

Design Philosophy and Build Quality

The MartinLogan Motion 20i and the Motion 60XTi share a fundamental design philosophy that marries aesthetic elegance with acoustic precision. Both feature the MartinLogan signature perforated steel grille and a sleek, modern look that should complement any listening space. When it comes to build quality, these towers are rock solid—crafted with meticulous attention to detail, which is a testament to MartinLogan’s commitment to excellence. However, the Motion 60XTi is the larger of the two, which might translate to a more imposing presence in your room.

MartinLogan Motion 20i Tower Speaker
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Driver Technology

The Motion series is known for its Folded Motion tweeter, a unique take on the age-old problem of high-frequency reproduction. The Motion 20i and the 60XTi both incorporate this technology, ensuring crisp, clear trebles without the harshness that can plague lesser designs. But the differences lie in the driver configuration beyond the tweeter. The 20i utilizes two 5.5-inch aluminum cone drivers in a two-and-a-half-way design, whereas the 60XTi boasts a more robust driver setup—a 6.5-inch midrange driver and two 8-inch woofers, configured in a three-way design. This means that the 60XTi is poised to deliver a fuller, more detailed sound with better low-end response.

Sound Performance

In listening tests, the Motion 20i impresses with its clarity and balance. It delivers a sound that is both articulate and dynamic, making it a fine choice for small to medium-sized rooms. However, when we step up to the Motion 60XTi, the difference is palpable. There’s a weight and authority to the sound that the 20i just can’t match. The larger woofers and dedicated midrange driver of the 60XTi translate to a more expansive soundstage with greater depth and realism. Bass notes have a delightful punch and extension that immerse the listener in a more engaging audio experience.

MartinLogan Motion 60XTi Tower Speaker
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Where the Motion 20i might shine in its precision and soundstage accuracy, the 60XTi takes it several steps further with its added warmth and richness. Music genres that benefit from a strong bass presence, like jazz, electronic, or classical symphonies, are rendered with a lifelike presence on the 60XTi. And when it comes to volume, the 60XTi can fill larger spaces without breaking a sweat, maintaining composure even at higher listening levels.

Value and Positioning

Considering the investment required for high-end speakers, value is always a relative term. The Motion 20i is significantly more affordable than its larger sibling, making it a tempting proposition for audiophiles on a budget or those with space constraints. It offers the quintessential MartinLogan sound in a package that is more accessible for a wider audience. On the flip side, the Motion 60XTi's higher price point reflects its position as the flagship within the Motion series, and it could be seen as a more future-proof choice for those looking to indulge in serious audio excellence without venturing into the stratospheric pricing of the high-end speaker market.

In conclusion, the choice between the MartinLogan Motion 20i and the Motion 60XTi comes down to your personal needs and preferences. If you're after a compact tower speaker that delivers precise audio with the trademark MartinLogan sound, the 20i is a compelling contender. But for those seeking the pinnacle of performance in the Motion series—with a commanding presence and a powerful, nuanced sound—the 60XTi stands out. Each speaker brings to the table the refined craftsmanship and acoustic prowess that MartinLogan is celebrated for, and either will be a cherished addition to any audiophile's collection.

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