Audioengine A2+ vs. Dayton Audio T652-AIR

Audioengine A2+ Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Dayton Audio T652-AIR Tower Speakers
$270 $250
Dimensions (H × W × D)
6.00” × 4.00” × 5.25”
152mm × 102mm × 133mm
30.00” × 7.10” × 9.50”
762mm × 180mm × 241mm
Power Type
Powered Passive
Frequency Response
65-22,000 Hz 45-20,000 Hz

Key Takeaways

TLDR Summary: In the realm of compact high-fidelity, the Audioengine A2+ Wireless Bluetooth speakers stand tall, packing an impressive aural punch with vibrant mids and sparkling highs, enhanced by the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity. Conversely, the Dayton Audio T652-AIR Tower Speakers, with their slim floor-standing design, offer an affordable entry into the immersive world of room-filling sound, aided by the Air Motion Transformer tweeters for detailed highs. Where the A2+ shines in desktop scenarios and space-conscious environments, the T652-AIR towers cater to those craving a more traditional, commanding presence in a home audio setup. Both deliver exceptional value, each in their acoustic arena.

Speaker Comparison

When it comes to desktop audio solutions, the Audioengine A2+ Wireless Bluetooth Speakers are a compact powerhouse that have managed to blend convenience with sound quality in a way that's hard to overlook. These little champs pack quite a punch considering their diminutive size, and the added wireless Bluetooth functionality makes streaming a breeze. With a built-in digital-to-analog converter (DAC), they are ready to tackle high-resolution audio files and provide a pure and detailed sound experience straight from your computer or Bluetooth-enabled device. At the same time, they maintain a low-profile aesthetic that won't crowd your workspace.

The Size and Stature

Contrastingly, the Dayton Audio T652-AIR Tower Speakers are a different breed, designed to stand tall and deliver sound in a more traditional listening environment. These floor-standing speakers boast a larger footprint which translates into more room for speaker drivers, including a 6.5-inch woofer that ensures a fuller bass response and a richer overall sound. The 'AIR' in their name refers to the Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter, which is known for its clear and detailed high-frequency reproduction, capable of revealing nuances in music that can often go unnoticed with smaller drivers.

Audioengine A2+ Wireless Bluetooth Speakers
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The Connectivity Quandary

In the modern age of wireless tech, the A2+ speakers from Audioengine score high marks for their Bluetooth aptX compatibility, which allows for high-quality audio streaming without the need for cables. This is a significant advantage for users who prioritize a clutter-free desk or those who frequently stream music from their mobile devices. On the flip side, the Dayton Audio T652-AIR does not include wireless connectivity, relying solely on traditional wired connections. This may not pose an issue for audiophiles who prefer a dedicated listening room setup, but it does limit the versatility of the T652-AIR speakers in comparison.

Sound Signature and Listening Experience

Audioengine's A2+ speakers are known for their clear and engaging sound signature. They provide a balanced mix, offering crisp highs and mids with a surprising amount of bass for their size. Their soundstage is impressively wide, making them an excellent choice for users who want immersive sound without consuming too much space. In contrast, the Dayton Audio T652-AIR towers create a more expansive soundstage naturally due to their size and design, providing a more authentic concert-like experience. The T652-AIR also offers better separation of instruments and vocals, which is a boon for discerning listeners who value audio fidelity and depth.

Dayton Audio T652-AIR Tower Speakers
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The Verdict on Value

When determining the better value between these two offerings, it's crucial to consider the intended use. The Audioengine A2+ Wireless Bluetooth Speakers shine as a versatile, space-saving option for desktop listening, casual music enjoyment, and small room settings. They are also a breeze to set up and interface with a broad range of devices. Meanwhile, the Dayton Audio T652-AIR Tower Speakers cater to the traditional audiophile seeking a more permanent and high-fidelity listening experience in a dedicated space. While they demand more room and lack wireless features, the T652-AIR speakers deliver outstanding performance for their price point, making them an excellent choice for those willing to accommodate their larger size.

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