Audioengine A2+ vs. JBL L52 Classic

Audioengine A2+ Wireless Bluetooth Speakers JBL L52 Classic Bookshelf Speakers
$270 $1000
Dimensions (H × W × D)
6.00” × 4.00” × 5.25”
152mm × 102mm × 133mm
13.00” × 7.74” × 8.51”
330mm × 197mm × 216mm
Power Type
Powered Passive
Frequency Response
65-22,000 Hz 47-24,000 Hz

Key Takeaways

TLDR Summary: In the showdown between the compact Audioengine A2+ Wireless Bluetooth Speakers and the retro-styled JBL L52 Classic Bookshelf Speakers, consumers face a tough choice. The Audioengine A2+ offers the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity, with a warm sound that belies their modest size, making them a perfect desktop companion. In contrast, the JBL L52 Classic brings a more traditional, audiophile approach with its iconic acoustic legacy, offering a richer and more dynamic soundstage. The decision hinges on space constraints, the importance of wireless connectivity, and personal taste in sound signature—crisp modernity versus classic depth.

Speaker Comparison

When it comes to compact speakers that deliver high-quality audio, Audioengine's A2+ Wireless Bluetooth Speakers and JBL's L52 Classic Bookshelf Speakers are often mentioned in the same breath. Both systems have garnered attention for their ability to produce a sound that belies their modest footprints, but how do they really stack up against each other? In this comparison, we'll delve into the nuances that might make you lean towards one pair over the other.

Design and Aesthetics

The Audioengine A2+ speakers exude a modern simplicity, with clean lines and a variety of finishes to choose from—satin black, hi-gloss white, or a luscious red. Their small size makes them easy to place in any room without becoming an eyesore. In contrast, the JBL L52 Classics give a nod to the golden era of hi-fi with their retro design, complete with wood veneer and Quadrex foam grilles in black, orange, or blue. They're larger than the A2+s, but they're still compact enough to fit into most spaces comfortably.

Audioengine A2+ Wireless Bluetooth Speakers
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Connectivity and Versatility

The Audioengine A2+ truly shines with their wireless Bluetooth capability, making them incredibly versatile and user-friendly. You can stream audio seamlessly from any Bluetooth-enabled device, which is a big plus for listeners who prioritize convenience. Additionally, they have a built-in DAC, allowing for a direct digital connection via USB from your computer. The JBL L52 Classics, on the other hand, are purely passive speakers, requiring an external amplifier or receiver. This could be seen as a limitation or as an opportunity to handpick a dedicated amp to tailor the sound to your preferences.

Sound Quality

Audioengine's A2+ speakers might be tiny, but they pack a punch. They offer a sound that is remarkably full and clear for their size, with a pleasing balance across the frequency spectrum and surprising bass response—thanks in part to their Kevlar woofers. They're ideal for close-range listening and can fill a small room with sound quite effectively.

JBL L52 Classic Bookshelf Speakers
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The JBL L52 Classics, though, bring with them the legacy of JBL's decades of audio expertise. They boast a larger frequency range and deliver the kind of room-filling, detailed sound that is closer to what you might expect from floor-standing speakers. The bass is deeper and more pronounced, courtesy of their larger woofers and advanced crossover networks, and they also offer a livelier presentation with a wider soundstage.

In terms of midrange clarity and high-frequency detail, both speaker sets perform admirably, but the JBLs have a slight edge. The Audioengines are smooth and pleasant, ensuring that vocals and instruments are rendered with a naturalness that is quite engaging. However, the L52 Classics manage to extract additional detail and offer a slightly warmer and richer sound profile, which might appeal more to the critical listener.

Value for Money

Considering their features and performance, Audioengine's A2+ Wireless Bluetooth Speakers offer great value, especially for those seeking a plug-and-play solution with minimal fuss. Their built-in amplification and DAC, along with Bluetooth connectivity, mean you're getting a lot of functionality for the price.

The JBL L52 Classics are at a higher price point, but they are also aimed at a slightly different market—those who appreciate the legacy of classic JBL speakers and are willing to invest in separate amplification to get the best out of them. Thus, while more expensive, they offer a sound that's hard to beat in their class, which could justify the additional outlay for audiophile-grade performance.

Ultimately, choosing between the Audioengine A2+ Wireless Bluetooth Speakers and the JBL L52 Classic Bookshelf Speakers comes down to what you value most in your listening experience. If simplicity, modern design, and wireless functionality are your priorities, the A2+s are an excellent choice. However, if you're after that classic speaker aesthetic and a richer, more expansive sound that's evocative of a traditional hi-fi system, then the JBL L52 Classics may be the way to go.

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