Dayton Audio T652-AIR vs. Edifier R1280T

Dayton Audio T652-AIR Tower Speakers Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers
$250 $120
Dimensions (H × W × D)
30.00” × 7.10” × 9.50”
762mm × 180mm × 241mm
9.50” × 5.75” × 7.00”
241mm × 146mm × 178mm
Power Type
Passive Powered
Frequency Response
45-20,000 Hz 75-18,000 Hz
ASR Score
n/a 1.9
ASR Score w/Subwoofer
n/a 4.5

Key Takeaways

TLDR Summary: In the world of affordable home audio, the Dayton Audio T652-AIR and the Edifier R1280T present two distinct choices for the budget-conscious audiophile. The T652-AIR is a slender tower speaker featuring an Air Motion Transformer tweeter that renders crisp highs, coupled with dual 6.5-inch woofers for a more profound bass presence. In contrast, the R1280T is a compact powered bookshelf pair offering convenience and a balanced sound signature, with built-in amplification that makes them a plug-and-play solution. Whether you prioritize the floor-standing presence and dynamic range of the Daytons or the space-saving design and simplicity of the Edifiers will shape your decision.

Speaker Comparison

When it comes to outfitting your living space with the right audio gear, the choices can be overwhelming. However, two options have stood out in the budget-friendly range: the Dayton Audio T652-AIR Tower Speakers and the Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers. These two models cater to different audio needs and preferences, and understanding their nuances is key to making the right purchase for your sonic sanctuary.

Design and Build Quality

The Dayton Audio T652-AIR stands tall, quite literally, as a floor-standing tower speaker that commands more presence in a room. Their slim profile allows them to fit into tighter spaces despite their height. On the other hand, the Edifier R1280T speakers are designed to sit comfortably on a bookshelf or desk, boasting a classic wood finish that exudes a more traditional vibe. Both sets of speakers are well-constructed, but the Dayton Audio’s tower design is likely to appeal to those looking for that full-size speaker aesthetic and floor-standing resonance.

Dayton Audio T652-AIR Tower Speakers
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Sound Performance

When it comes to sound, the Dayton Audio T652-AIR towers are a step up with their Air Motion Transformer tweeters, which give them an edge in clarity and detail, particularly in the high frequencies. They offer a robust soundstage that fills a room with ease, thanks to the dual 6.5-inch woofers delivering solid bass response. In contrast, the Edifier R1280T speakers, while compact, pack a punch with their 4-inch bass drivers and calibrated, flared bass reflex port, providing a sound that is rich and balanced for their size.

The Edifiers, being powered speakers, have a built-in amplifier, which makes them a convenient plug-and-play option for many users. The Dayton Audio towers, however, require an external amplifier to drive them, which can be seen as a boon for audiophiles who like to tailor their sound with different components, but it might be a barrier for those seeking simplicity in setup.

Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers
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Connectivity and Features

Feature-wise, the Edifier R1280T speakers offer more versatility with multiple inputs and built-in tone controls. The ability to connect two devices via AUX simultaneously removes the hassle of switching inputs and makes them very user-friendly. They also come with a remote control, adding to their convenience factor. The Dayton Audio T652-AIR speakers, being passive, are straightforward in their functionality, focusing purely on delivering sound without the bells and whistles of connectivity and controls.

Considering the type of listener you are can greatly influence your decision. The Edifier R1280T is ideal for those who value convenience, control at their fingertips, and a more intimate listening experience. Meanwhile, the Dayton Audio T652-AIR is suited to the audiophile who craves a more immersive audio experience, relishes the process of customizing their setup, and prefers the physical presence that tower speakers provide.

In conclusion, the Dayton Audio T652-AIR Tower Speakers and the Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers cater to different segments of the audio enthusiast market. The T652-AIR stands out for spacious sound and the potential for customized audiophile systems, while the R1280T shines with its compact convenience and straightforward use. Your choice between these two depends on your personal audio priorities, the physical space you have available, and whether you value simplicity over the ability to fine-tune your sound system components.

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