MartinLogan Motion 60XTi vs. Monoprice Monolith THX-265B

MartinLogan Motion 60XTi Tower Speaker Monoprice Monolith THX-265B Bookshelf Speakers
$3750 $800
Dimensions (H × W × D)
48.00” × 11.40” × 14.40”
1219mm × 290mm × 366mm
15.40” × 9.70” × 11.40”
391mm × 246mm × 290mm
Power Type
Passive Passive
Frequency Response
35-25,000 Hz 65-24,000 Hz

Key Takeaways

TLDR Summary: In the high-fidelity arena, the MartinLogan Motion 60XTi towers embody elegance, offering a dynamic soundstage with their signature Folded Motion XT tweeters and robust bass presence. These floor-standers are designed to captivate with detail and depth. In contrast, the Monoprice Monolith THX-265B bookshelf speakers, with THX certification, promise cinematic sound in a more compact form. They aim for precision and neutrality, suitable for both movies and music. The choice between the two may hinge on space, preference for sonic presentation, and budget, as the MartinLogans command a premium for their audiophile-grade performance and aesthetic appeal.

Speaker Comparison

When it comes to high-fidelity audio, the speakers you choose can significantly shape your listening experience. Today, we are comparing two distinct offerings from the world of audiophile gear: the MartinLogan Motion 60XTi Tower Speaker and the Monoprice Monolith THX-265B Bookshelf Speaker. Both are commendable for their respective categories, but they cater to different listening environments and preferences. The Motion 60XTi stands tall as a floor-standing speaker that aims to deliver a full-range and room-filling sound, while the Monolith THX-265B promises a compact, bookshelf design without compromising on audio fidelity, thanks to its THX certification.

The Aesthetics and Design

MartinLogan's Motion 60XTi boasts a sleek and modern look, with a high-gloss finish and the brand's signature perforated steel grille that gives it a sophisticated edge. These towering beauties are designed to be a focal point in any room. On the other hand, the Monoprice Monolith THX-265B offers a more subdued aesthetic. Its black MDF cabinet is built with practicality in mind, focusing on acoustic performance rather than making a visual statement. The Monolith speakers are unobtrusive, designed to blend seamlessly into the background of a home theater setup or a modest listening space.

MartinLogan Motion 60XTi Tower Speaker
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Sound Performance

The MartinLogan Motion 60XTi is a powerhouse, equipped with a Folded Motion XT tweeter that delivers precise and clear high frequencies, while its substantial 8-inch woofers ensure deep and articulate bass response. The Motion 60XTi is known for its wide soundstage and detailed imaging, offering an immersive listening experience that is both dynamic and nuanced. In contrast, the Monoprice Monolith THX-265B, although smaller in stature, packs a punch with its THX certification, ensuring that it meets rigorous standards for volume, quality, and clarity. The Monolith's silk-dome tweeter and long-throw woofer are engineered for a balanced sound that is both powerful and accurate.

Placement and Practicality

Floor-standing speakers like the MartinLogan Motion 60XTi require more space and are ideally suited for larger rooms where they can truly shine. They are perfect for audiophiles who have dedicated listening rooms or spacious living areas. Moreover, the Motion 60XTi's design is such that they offer flexibility in placement to help you find the optimal audio sweet spot. The Monoprice Monolith THX-265B, being bookshelf speakers, are more versatile in terms of placement. They can easily fit into tighter spaces and are ideal for those who might be looking to save on space without compromising sound quality. They can also be stand-mounted or placed on a shelf, making them suitable for a variety of room sizes and layouts.

Value and Verdict

When weighing the value, it's crucial to consider your individual needs and the context of your audio system. The MartinLogan Motion 60XTi, while commanding a higher price point, is an investment in top-tier audio performance that is hard to match. It's a speaker that can be the cornerstone of a high-end audio setup for years to come. On the other hand, the Monoprice Monolith THX-265B offers exceptional performance at a more accessible price, making it an excellent choice for those who are more budget-conscious but still demand quality sound. Ultimately, your choice between these two should be guided by the size of your space, your aesthetic preferences, and the value you place on audio excellence.

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