MartinLogan Motion 60XTi vs. NHT SuperZero 2.1

MartinLogan Motion 60XTi Tower Speaker NHT SuperZero 2.1 Mini-Monitor Speaker
$3750 $300
Dimensions (H × W × D)
48.00” × 11.40” × 14.40”
1219mm × 290mm × 366mm
9.00” × 5.50” × 5.00”
229mm × 140mm × 127mm
Power Type
Passive Passive
Frequency Response
35-25,000 Hz 85-20,000 Hz
ASR Score
n/a 3.4
ASR Score w/Subwoofer
n/a 6.7

Key Takeaways

TLDR Summary: In the high-fidelity arena, the MartinLogan Motion 60XTi and NHT SuperZero 2.1 serve different audio philosophies. The towering Motion 60XTi is a statement piece, boasting an audacious yet refined soundstage with its Folded Motion XT tweeter and robust bass drivers, appealing to those seeking room-filling sonics and dynamic presence. Conversely, the diminutive SuperZero 2.1 mini-monitor champions precision and clarity over heft. Its compact design and nuanced performance cater to the purist craving accuracy in a small footprint. Choosing between these contrasting icons hinges on personal space, taste, and whether one's audio predilections favor scale or subtlety.

Speaker Comparison

When we delve into the world of high fidelity audio, the conversation inevitably turns to the nature of the loudspeakers, a pivotal element in the listening experience. Today, we find ourselves comparing two notably different contenders: the MartinLogan Motion 60XTi Tower Speaker and the NHT SuperZero 2.1 Mini-Monitor Speaker. Both have their unique place within the pantheon of audiophile gear, but they cater to distinctly different audiences and preferences.

Design Philosophy and Aesthetics

The MartinLogan Motion 60XTi, a towering bastion of sound, immediately conveys its high-end pedigree through its sleek, statuesque form. It's designed not just to be heard but seen, proudly displaying its audio excellence. The Motion 60XTi isn't just a speaker; it's a statement piece. In contrast, the NHT SuperZero 2.1 is the epitome of the 'less is more' ethos. It's compact, unassuming, and designed to disappear into the room. For the listener who prefers a minimalist or space-conscious setup, the SuperZero 2.1 is a clear winner.

MartinLogan Motion 60XTi Tower Speaker
MartinLogan Motion 60XTi arrow (at

Soundstage and Acoustic Presence

When the MartinLogan Motion 60XTi sings, it fills the room with a soundstage that's as expansive as the plains of the Midwest. The Motion 60XTi's signature Folded Motion tweeter offers a detailed and nuanced top end that seems to extend beyond the physical confines of the room. Its dual 8-inch woofers provide a grounded and authoritative bass response, ensuring a full-bodied sound profile. On the other hand, the NHT SuperZero 2.1 offers an incredibly focused and precise soundstage. It's the surgical scalpel to the Motion 60XTi's broadsword, offering a level of precision that is remarkable for its size. While it can't produce the same room-filling presence, the SuperZero 2.1 excels in intimate listening environments.

Flexibility and Application

The MartinLogan Motion 60XTi demands attention—not just visually, but in terms of room placement and amplification. These speakers require a bit of breathing room to truly shine, and they're best paired with high-quality amplification that can do justice to their capabilities. They are at home in dedicated listening rooms or as the cornerstone of a high-end home theater system. Conversely, the NHT SuperZero 2.1 is the chameleon of speakers, blending seamlessly into a variety of setups. Its indifferent attitude towards room positioning and modest power requirements make it a plug-and-play option for casual listeners and those working with limited space.

NHT SuperZero 2.1 Mini-Monitor Speaker
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While the Motion 60XTi may provide the sheer impact and depth that can make the earth move, the SuperZero 2.1's strength lies in its ability to reproduce midrange and high frequencies with startling clarity. It's no slouch in the bass department either, but it won't shake the foundations like its larger counterpart. Where the Motion 60XTi aims for a visceral experience, the SuperZero 2.1 aims for transparency and detail.

For the discerning listener who values the nuances of a complex orchestral piece, the MartinLogan Motion 60XTi offers a window into the concert hall, with each instrument occupying its own distinct space. The NHT SuperZero 2.1, while not as expansive, offers a level of clarity that brings out the subtleties in vocal performances and acoustic recordings. It's a matter of preference whether one opts for the grandiosity of the MartinLogan or the pinpoint accuracy of the NHT.

Ultimately, the choice between the MartinLogan Motion 60XTi and the NHT SuperZero 2.1 comes down to personal preference and application. If your audio journey is a quest for a cinematic, all-encompassing sonic experience, the Motion 60XTi may be your Holy Grail. For those who prioritize space efficiency, budget-friendliness, and an articulate sound capable of revealing the intricacies of their music collection, the SuperZero 2.1 could very well be the ideal companion. Regardless of which path you take, both speakers are noteworthy champions in their respective classes, offering enriching listening experiences that can only be born from a true passion for sound.

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